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Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello everyone. I am a woman who's trying to having a baby. To no surprise it isn't working for me and my fiance. I have been trying for 2 years. We got pregnant back in 2009 and I had a miscarriage and since then he's been a little distant. I just want to know how I can bring him back to the same page with me! Sometimes he all about babies and then the next he doesn't know if he wants the commitment. Then on top of that I have female problems. I started a journey the other week. I went to the local fertility center. I have been doing research upon research. Did you know massage and yoga help?! I didn't so I decided to call about that. Well anyway, the fertility center has a massage therapist who is an angel! I don't want to lay in the bed for 9 months. For 1 it would be boring! And 2nd my fiance doesn't need that burden of supporting all of us! (I like to help with the income) But if it came down to it and that's what I had to do I would. But this is my first blog about this. Friends and Family really don;t understand. I don't have the support of anyone except my fiance and his family. My dad is no longer with me and my mom well that's for a different day maybe even a different blog! I'm also not sure if anyone reads this I guess it just helps get your thoughts and feelings out of your mind. So if anyone does read this thank you.

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