Waiting on our Stork

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Well I'm a little behind on the postings! Sorry I have been so busy with school and wedding planning and work I haven't found the time to write! I have found since joining so much support on here. I didn't know that anyone read these postings. I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and actually caring about me and my problems. As you can tell I am new at the blogging world. It seems easy to sit down and type your fears and problems but some nights I find myself logging on and then staring at the screen. I start the B.C. tomorrow so that should hopefully get things regular again and moving in the direction its supposed to. Other than that just been busy!! And getting all the practice we can in to get to pregnancy! Sorry I try to joke sometimes. Not that I take this subject lightly. I feel sometimes you just got to laugh at life. But anyway, try my best to log on everyday to give you an update. And thanks again for stopping by. Goodnight!


  1. Happy Humping!!! LOL

    The sex when you are on a break or in between cycles was always the best kind!!!

    Happy ICLW

  2. Happy ICLW! And welcome to blogging. It really helps to get it all out!

    wishing you all the Best!